Our story

About us

Our story

Mission Statement

To create a permanent tribute honoring all Kern County WWII Veterans and those who supported them.

Vision Statement

To serve our community with a beautiful memorial honoring Kern County WWII Veterans that will be a place of reverence, remembrance, and education for all who visit.  

Support Kern County Veterans Memorial Today!

Keeping this memorial pristine and accessible to the public requires resources, from maintenance to educational outreach. And this is where your generosity plays a pivotal role.


We are at the forefront of commemorating Kern County World War II Veterans. The Kern County World War II Veterans Memorial Committee is a group of local volunteers driven by a single goal; to Honor and Memorialize our country’s Greatest Generation. The Kern County World War II Veterans Committee is leading the way to ensure their legacy and the values they represent are passed on to future generations.

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