Honoring Kern County’s
WWII Veterans

Saturday, 7 December 2024 @10 A.M. 

at the memorial for the FINAL unveiling

Honor Their Valor: Tribute to the Greatest Generation

Join our heartfelt initiative to honor the brave men and women of World War II. Make a lasting tribute by donating in the name of a veteran to the WWII Memorial Fund. Time is of the essence contribute by June 6, 2024, to ensure their legacy is forever engraved on the memorial.

Thank you to our Sponsors

Kern County Veterans WWII Memorial

How Can You Help?


Become a sponsor and donor to the Kern County WWII Veterans Memorial and play a pivotal role in preserving a legacy of valor.


Join us as a volunteer at the Kern County WWII Veterans Memorial and actively participate in honoring our heroes’ legacies.


Visit the Kern County WWII Veterans Memorial to honor and reflect upon the sacrifices of our heroes.

Support Kern County WWII Veterans Memorial Today!

Keeping this memorial pristine and accessible to the public requires resources, from maintenance to educational outreach. And this is where your generosity plays a pivotal role.


What Our Community Says About the Memorial

reverence, remembrance and education

“Eighty-one years and seven days after our entry into World War II, we finally have a beautiful, local World War II memorial honoring them, our greatest generation,”

– Ed Gaede

we salute you

“The true stars of today, the World War II veterans, we salute you,”


– Dan Schaffer

Amazing Service

“They would tell you they were just doing what was needed, what the country needed — that they were not heroes,”


– Kevin McCarthy


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