A Veteran’s Voice: Ed Gaede discusses World War II memorial

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The legacy of those who served our country during the dark days of World War II remains alive and well in the heart of Kern County. After a dedicated year of planning, we are thrilled to announce that the vision for the Kern County World War II Memorial is coming to life.

A Vision Brought to Life

Under the expert guidance of Ed Gaede, president of the Kern County World War II Committee, our team has taken essential steps to transform this dream into a reality. The goal? To create a solemn space where our community and visitors can reflect upon the immense sacrifices made by our local heroes during World War II.

Klassen Corporation: Crafting the Memorial

Entrusted with this significant responsibility, the Klassen Corporation has conceptualized a design that strikes a balance between grandeur and solemnity. The artist’s rendering reveals a masterful composition using black granite slabs, which not only radiate an imposing presence but are also symbolic of the gravitas of the times and the profound sacrifice of the heroes it represents.

The 683 Heroes

More than a mere monument, this memorial is a testament to the individuals who gave their all for our freedom. Engraved into these granite slabs are the names of 683 brave souls – 682 men and one extraordinary woman – who either laid down their lives during the conflict or passed away shortly after. Each name tells a story of courage, resilience, and unwavering commitment to a greater cause.

A Beacon for Future Generations

The Kern County WWII Veterans Memorial is not just a nod to our past; it is a beacon for future generations. Through it, we aim to educate our youth and the wider community about the sacrifices made during this tumultuous time in history. This memorial will be a place of reverence, remembrance, and education – a solemn promise that the memories of these brave individuals will never fade away.

Join Us in This Journey

As we edge closer to the completion of this monumental project, we invite members of our community and beyond to become part of this journey. Whether you’re a descendant of one of the heroes, a history enthusiast, or a citizen filled with gratitude, your support and presence mean everything.

Stay tuned for more updates as we move closer to the unveiling of the Kern County WWII Veterans Memorial. Together, let’s honor the past, educate the present, and inspire the future.

Be a part of the exciting discussion on Kern County’s Veterans WWII Memorial Forum.


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